Information and Knowledge Management

Our data-driven approach to planning and design delivers smarter insights and solutions. Beyond planning, we believe that healthy places are sustained if the right governance and management structures are also in place between all management hierarchies. This involves having access to the right information and putting in place knowledge transfer mechanisms and robust business processes to transition delivery into efficient business-as-usual operating models. We often collaborate with i-intelligence to deliver tailored information and knowledge management advice, strategies and improvement plans to help businesses, governmental and other public service organisation improve their business and service efficiency and productivity. We offer:

  • Comprehensive analysis of business areas and their information assets including devising business classification schemes, taxonomies and file plan designs
  • Mapping out information flows, improving and writing up business processes and procedures,┬ádeveloping operating models and policies
  • Devising business templates to help efficiency of business
  • Develop knowledge and information management strategies to maintain a sound business operation
  • Organising information through taxonomy and file plan design