Mapping Assets & Opportunities in Lee

Lee Neighbourhood Forum

Lee, Lewisham

Project Team
Mapping Futures

Mapping Futures worked with the Lee Neighbourhood Forum to map out their key assets and opportunities. Through a series of neighbourhood walks, residents explored the streets of Lee, noting issues and ideas for improvement. This formed part of their early evidence-gathering stages, documenting their finds to justify their policy aspirations for Lee.

Mapping Futures led the first walk, guiding residents on the issues that can be addressed with planning policy. All the information compiled by residents was collated into a GIS database and series of maps were produced to highlight their key assets and the noticeable opportunities for development, intensification and/or improvement interventions. These maps started to reveal a compelling narrative around the unique and distinctive qualities of Lee and will now support the residents in further developing their vision, objectives and policy intentions as they continue to progress their Neighbourhood Plan.

‘The mapping process helped open our eyes and concentrate our minds on where and how we can bring about the forum’s vision. A very worthwhile exercise’ [local resident]