Grove Park Neighbourhood Plan

Grove Park Neighbourhood Forum

Grove Park, London

Project Team
Mapping Futures, Changing Cities

Mapping futures, along with Changing Cities were appointed by the Grove Park Neighbourhood Forum to assist them in compiling all their work into the final neighbourhood plan documents, ready for their pre-submission statutory consultation. We worked closely with the Steering Committee to develop their ideas and aspirations into a cohesive spatial strategy. This defined the framework for the neighbourhood development policies that followed.

Based on the meticulous mapping of their neighbourhood assets and opportunities and the unique qualities of the neighbourhood, we assisted in setting out planning policies under nine strategic goals, all aimed at bringing about the much needed economic impetus and sustainable development drivers, to revive Grove Park into a healthy and prosperous neighbourhood for all.

Central to their neighbourhood plan was the development of a series of spatial strategy plans to communicate their aspirations for their neighbourhood. The natural habitats along the railway embankments contribute significantly to the overall landscape distinctiveness of the area. As such, the creation of a natural parkland of metropolitan significance and other green infrastructure improvements, along with their literary and cultural associations, form a unique economic development opportunity. The neighbourhood plan documents are published on the Grove Park Forum website.